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Genrand has been informally, and on a small scale, involved in financing related matters for the past few years. The increasingly strained relationship between banks and their clients was identified as being a niche market into which Genrand could move as applicants could not obtain the required facilities and/or help from their banks.

We started with only one product offering, being property related Bridging Finance. Through our affiliation with BFASA (since February 2008) we were introduced to various large role players in the industry who offered us established and large monetary facilities into which we could tap. This brought a whole new dimension to our company as we initially did bridging from own and borrowed funds.

As time lapsed our product offerings increased, and we can now offer clients various products to satisfy their needs, including structured finance and medium term loans with immovable property.

We started to receive applications from various areas nationally which led to the need to have a national footprint in the market. This led to the launch of our Franchising activities. Our franchises are independently owned and operated by the individual Franchisees.

What sets us apart is our strategic and innovative approach to financing, our large product suite and our understanding of the importance of practical and cost-effective financing for the individual and company.


At Genrand we perform as a team to ensure that every project is accomplished with the optimum efficiency and originality as we are often mandated by small companies and large corporations. Our professional team consists of skilled individuals with backgrounds in finance and law (local and international), with years of corporate experience.

F. J. Taljaard

Fred is a dynamic role player in the field of Bridging Finance and was one of seven Directors of BFASA (Bridging and Finance Association of South Africa) and served as chairman for the period 2009 - 2012. He holds a B. Com.(Hons)in Business Management from the University of Stellenbosch, and thereafter accepted a scholarship, jointly sponsored by Stellenbosch University and the European Business School, to further his business studies at the European Business School in Frankfurt, Germany, where he pursued Business Management (M Sc), majoring in: Specialization Real Estate, Specialization Corporate Finance and National and International Partners and Corporation law.

S. E. Van der Sandt

Sonja has more than 15 years experience in the management of large organizations. She has presented numerous papers at national and international level, and also served as director (the first South African to do so) on the World Council for Renal Care. Sonja has been involved in politics on provincial and national level, and also served on a National Heritage Board, as a ministerial appointment.

A. Taljaard

Annalize brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in finance, law as well as contracts. She has been instrumental in growing Genrand, building relationships with franchisees and financiers. She has also been responsible for the growth in our product offerings over time.


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